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More photos from recent regattas!

We like electric speed boats too!
This is John Malone's Traxxas electric speed boat. It has two water cooled motors and goes about 30-40 mph!
Another fun electric speed boat.
This one belongs to Bob Masterson. It is called the "Whine Cool R".
This is one of my favorite images
This is Bob Masterson's Traxxas electric speed boat heading for open water.
Bob's Traxxas.
A high speed pass.
Bob's Traxxas again.
Watch out for that duck!
Speaking of ducks!
This is not a real duck. It is R/C! believe it or not. This mallard is fiberglass and was made by Andy Anders.
A close up view of Andy's Duck.
This was not made from a decoy. This duck was made from scratch by Andy Anders. He is fantastic at fiberglass working.

Please see Photo page 3 for more pictures!!