The ORCAS Model Boat club presents our most recent photos!

Here are some photos from our August 2005 regatta. 

A huge Submarine still under construction

Bills boats and planes

Some models by Bill McNeal. The airplanes do takeoff and land on the water.

Mikes boats

This is Mike Wilsons' collection.


Some local boys gettting in on the action. The faces say more than words can.

Debana n 44foot motor life boat

The Debana and a Dumas 44 foot motor life boat are some nice models. Part of Pete Halligers collection.

Pete Halliger preparing to launch his fully working barge, crane, and towboat.

The whole assemblage is huge! The barge weighs over 80 pounds itself and can support the weight of an adult.


Very powerful twin motors in the "Carolyn Sue" towboat push this model.

The spuds on the barge raise and lower !

A nice close up of the detail on the barge.


The crane is mostly scratch built from brass with the treads borrowed from a large toy.

The crane also swivels, raises and lowers, and drops its weight on the end of the hook.
This is truly an incredible model with many working features. It has taken Pete many years of work to build it.

The whole model is nearly 10 feet long!!

Come back next month for more ORCAS fun sail photos!

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