World Golf Village Photos 10-05-02

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These pictures are from our recent multi club regatta.
There were all kinds of r/c boats there and fun was had by everyone!

Ralph Stangel from the Pirates Flag club launches his 8' long battleship
This ships guns really FIRE as was heard during the military demonstration part of the show!

Charlie Johnsons' "Albacore" submarine keeps pace with another military heavy.

A nice view of the "Albacore" preparing to leave the dock

Ralph Lossings' beautiful, highly detailed sidewheeler "Sultana"
Click on the above picture to view more of Ralphs' awesome riverboat models.

Andy Anders brought this really colorful Flounder fishing boat that he made from scratch.
Also, partially seen to the right is his r/c shark.

A man whose name I didn't catch brought these gorgeous schooners all the way from Charlston SC.

Even though winds were very light these schooners were still able to beautifully sail around the pond.

I have many more pictures from this regatta. Too many for this web page. If you are interested in seeing some of them you can email me at and I will email them to you directly.

I hope you can make it to our next multi club regatta. Please check our special events page often for more info!